About Xiraffa

Hermanos Álvarez

Founded in Madrid by Carlos and Raúl Álvarez in 2003, Xiraffa combines a collection of unique jewelry with the newest trends in the world of fashion and design.

Fascinated by the exoticism of the African continent and its natural environment, they developed the idea of creating a collection of jewelry whose protagonist would be one of the symbols of this wild and attractive land: the giraffe. The Queen of the savannah, this graceful animal symbolizes the values of Xiraffa: beauty, intuition, elegance and intelligence.

Since its beginning, the brand has obtained great success and its prestige has reached many countries all over the world. Nowadays, its exclusive designs may be found in cities like New York, London, Paris, Doha… In all of them, it’s possible to admire their unique jewelry that has earned international recognition.

Xiraffa is defined by the versatility with which it has adapted to new trends in fashion and new concepts of jewelry. The world we live in today has changed, as well as how jewelry is bought. That is the reason why in 2016, with the goal of connecting with new clients, Xiraffa has opened its online boutique.

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