Behind each piece of jewelry of Xiraffa there is a unique process that entails a challenge for all the professionals of the brand.

From the moment the designers create a sketch to when we can admire the final jewel, every link is supervised with great care, creating in the end unique pieces in each collection.

Tallado de pulsera

The adventure begins when a new design for a piece is elaborated. A design that will be improved to an optimal outcome and which will represent the values of Xiraffa: authenticity, innovation, elegance and sophistication.

Each jewel is supervised in detail to apply improvements in the technique, functionality or esthetic. Furthermore, each element of our jewelry follows a strict quality control in our workshops. Exigency and hard work is what has made Xiraffa what it is today, a collection of jewelry of exceptional quality that respects the environment and perfectly adapts to modernity.


Trenzado de pelo de jirafa
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Modelo con pulsera y pendientes