Always with an eye to the future, Xiraffa has a deep knowledge of the profession and the jewelry sector. Aware that excellence can only be obtained with a knowledge of tradition, they recognized the influence of their father, a self-made man who initiated them in what has now become their passion: jewelry.

Entrepreneurial talent and a desire for self-improvement are the best heritage the Álvarez twins could receive. It was their father, Fernando Álvarez, who introduced them to the jewelry business, a world that would catch their hearts and become their way of life. In the early 1950’s, Fernando Álvarez was an expert of the jewelry profession. He founded one of the most emblematic jewelry stores in the Spanish capital, located at the Puerta del Sol, at the heart of Madrid. It was in Fernando Joyeros where the two brothers would discover the business and acquire a wonderful experience working with a true master: their father.

Backed by a long jewelry tradition with commercial experience, the firm Xiraffa was created in 2003. Nowadays, the brand continues to make its own history. Exigency and hard work are the keys of a collection that preserves the quality of traditional jewelry but trusts in new ideas and adapts the art of jewelry to new times.

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