Behind each piece of the Xiraffa collections lies a unique process that implies a challenge for the team of professionals that make up the brand.

From the moment the designers create a sketch until the moment we can admire the final jewel, each link in the chain is taken care of in detail, optimizing and supervising the gear so that the final result is pieces endowed with the unique character that distinguishes to the various collections.

The adventure begins the moment the sketch for a new piece is drawn up. A sketch, of course, that will be examined and perfected until an optimal result is achieved that reflects what, moreover, represents the values ā€‹ā€‹of Xiraffa : authenticity, innovation, elegance and sophistication.

Each of our pieces is reviewed in detail to be able to apply the pertinent improvements both in technique and in functionality and design. Likewise, each element that makes up our jewelry, as well as the final product, goes through strict quality control in our workshops. Demand and good work that have given rise to what is now Xiraffa , jewels of exceptional quality handcrafted that, respecting the environment and adapting to modernity, preserve the style and personality of its origins.