Always with an eye on the future, Xiraffa sinks its roots into a deep knowledge of the trade and the sector. Aware that in order to achieve excellence they must master the tradition of their profession, they do not hesitate to acknowledge what they owe to their father, an enterprising man who started them in what has now become his passion: jewelry.

Entrepreneurial talent and the desire for personal improvement are the best inheritance that the Ɓlvarez brothers could receive. It was their father, Fernando Ɓlvarez, who introduced them to the jewelry sector, a world that would trap them forever until it became a way of life. At the beginning of the fifties, Fernando Ɓlvarez was already an expert in the trade. A career that would culminate in the founding of one of the most emblematic jewelry stores in the Spanish capital, located next to Puerta del Sol, in the heart of Madrid. It was at Fernando Joyeros where the brothers were able to put their solid business training into practice and delve into the business, learning first-hand the ins and outs of their trade from the best teacher: their father.

Backed by a long jewelery tradition with business experience, the firm Xiraffa was born in 2003 , which continues to write its own history to this day. Demand and good work, in a collection that preserves the quality and traditional style, betting on its own ideas and adapting the art of jewelry to the new times.